NetVu ObserVer

NetVu ObserVer 1.16

Connects to surveillance cameras and displays their stream

Displays the streams from all the connected cameras into one single unified interface. Connects to the devices through their available protocols while delivering the data at high speed. Replay recorded shows from the local storage with drag and drop support and timeframe controlling.

Dedicated Micros offers the free, downloadable, NetVu ObserVer software in support of its NetVu Connected family of DVRs.
The ObserVer application enables the user to view and manipulate video from a single facility or from multi-site installations at any moment in time, anywhere in the world, over any network or the Internet.

ObserVer’s site tree software allows the user to select any DVR and any specific selected camera or cameras to be accessed and viewed easily and quickly.

A straightforward drag and drop GUI, together with saved screen views provide the user with an easy to use viewing solution. In addition, NetVu ObserVer’s built-in replay server allows the viewing of archived video from a hard drive, server or DVD / CD.

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